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Scaling up the Team for the Tyre Revolution

At reTyre, we’re entering an era of a groundbreaking sustainable revolution, right on the outskirts of Oslo. As pioneers in tyre manufacturing, we’re spearheading an ambitious production method that will redefine the tyre industry’s ecological footprint.

A New Era of Sustainability

We’re not just any tyre company; we’re reTyre, and our mission is clear: leading the charge in sustainability. Our journey starts with the establishment of a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with cutting-edge machinery that pushes the boundaries of innovation.

“reTyre is the first tyre manufacturer with sustainability as its fundamental pillar,” states Paul Magne Amundsen, CEO at reTyre.

Our innovative and advanced production methods open doors to new, eco-friendly materials that replace rubber, a notorious environmental hazard, in tyres.

Paul Magne Amundsen, CEO

High-Tech Solutions for Environmental Challenges

We’re immensely proud to integrate cutting-edge technologies from multiple industries into tyre production. Joining our R&D and production team means actively working on merging elements from a wide spectrum of technologies.

While traditional tyre production often compromises work conditions and contributes to a high CO2 footprint throughout the whole supply chain, we’re pioneering environmentally friendly tyre production right here in Ski, just outside Oslo.

Tarjei Hofset, Development Engineer at reTyre, explains, “Advanced technology and automation make this possible.” But at reTyre, it’s about much more than just designing and producing tyres.

You’re involved in the entire journey—from concept development and 3D modelling to prototyping, supplier collaboration and installation in our cutting-edge facility.

Tarjei Hofset, Development Engineer

Our focus extends beyond tyre design; it’s a holistic approach to innovation.

Flexibility, Growth, and Opportunities

At reTyre, we’re dedicated to giving our team the freedom to grow. This means a flexible work structure where you have the chance to shape your role and be a driving force for change.

Cecilie Bøckmann Olsen

Cecilie herself has been a part of our sustainability competency boost at reTyre and shares her experience, “Combining existing expertise with new knowledge and seeing it translate into tangible outcomes in a short time is truly motivating.”

We’re gearing up for rapid scaling with sustainable factories on multiple continents, and our employees are integral to realising this green revolution.

Paul Magne Amundsen, CEO

“When you join us at reTyre, you become a part of a company that places sustainability and technology at the core of everything we do. Every employee plays a pivotal role in our mission to reduce the carbon footprint through advanced technology and drive green innovation. We foster a workplace with flat hierarchies and short decision paths, giving you the platform to make a real difference.”

Come, be a part of the reTyre family and help us create a greener, more sustainable world. Together, we’re redefining the future of tyre manufacturing. Join us on this exciting journey today!

Open Positions

  • Compliance Director
  • Designer
  • Environmental Sustainability Manager
  • Event and Logistics Coordinator
  • Head of Growth
  • Head of HR
  • Head of Materials at reTyre
  • Industrial Product Designer
  • Injection Moulding Manager
  • Internship: Marketing
  • IT Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Senior Product Developer
  • Warehouse and Office Inventory Manager
  • Workshop assistant at reTyre