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Since reTyre was founded in 2015, its products have been tested regularly. The modular system achieved best results from several test institutions like ADAC, TCS or ÖAMTC. More than 400 online ratings from customers result in an overall score of 4.51 of 5 stars.

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Why have you chosen to be reTyre’s ambassador?

“Over a long cycling career, I’ve seen many innovations on the bike, but I had never given much thought to the role that tires play in the everyday cycling experience until I came across reTyre.”

Dag Otto Lauritzen
Dag Otto Lauritzen
Norwegian professional cyclist and Tour de France section winner

“Primarily because I think it is an inno­vative concept whose vision is to make life easier for people. And then it is important that reTyre pushes the technology for the production of bicycle tires to become both less energy-demanding and hopefully 100% recyclable.”

Aleksander Gamme
Aleksander Gamme
Norwegian adventurer, polar explorer, author and public speaker

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