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Sustainability Goals

reTyre is committed to building a better future for everyone, and as part of our initiatives, reTyre has joined the United Nations Global Compact signatories.

Prioritizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We have identified six Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development where we can make the most significant impact:

Eliminating Hazardous Manual Labour
reTyre eliminates all hazardous manual labour needed in tyre production, addressing the social implications of such practices, particularly in developing countries.

Promoting a Greener Tyre Industry
Through cutting-edge automated technologies and material sciences, reTyre is promoting a more sustainable and greener tyre industry. We enable scalable micro-factories for local production.

Increasing Micro Mobility and Reducing Waste
reTyre enhances the accessibility of micro-mobility vehicles through product innovation and reduces micro-plastic waste in cities through material innovation.

Creating a Circular Economy
We are the first tyre manufacturer to produce pneumatic tyres that can be cost-effectively repurposed into new tyres, fostering a circular economy in the tyre industry.

Reducing GHG Emissions and Energy Use
Through innovations in product, material, and manufacturing, reTyre reduces GHG emissions by 82% and energy consumption by 90%. We are also pioneers in producing bio-based pneumatic tyres.

Fostering Global Partnerships
reTyre actively participates in numerous R&D projects with institutional and commercial partners worldwide, facilitating knowledge sharing and the dissemination of results.

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