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Closed loop


Circular economy for the tyre industry

Conventional rubber tyres cannot be remoulded into new tyres. The majority of recycling done is energy recovery from burning tyres.

reTyre utilize materials and methods that allow for complete repurposing of worn tyres into new tyres and will collaborate with all it’s partners in the effort to create a circular economy. In fact, reTyre aim to establish a reverse vending system similar to that of plastic bottles.

Reusable materials

Furthermore, the bio-based elastomers in reTyre’s tyres will be of use to other industries and can easily be repurposed into new products. This facilitates a circular economy for the spent materials.

0% rubber

Sustainable Pneumatic Tyres

reTyre has patented a new manufacturing method for pneumatic tyres allowing the use of new materials previously unavailable to the industry.

Less shipping and materials

By allowing local, automated and cost efficient production we will significantly reduce the environmental impact shipping has to our and our customers supply chain.

Efficient waste collection

Integrating with existing waste management systemts.