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Sustainable Tyre Production

At reTyre, we are committed to taking an active approach to sustainability, which includes reducing our environmental impact through innovation, promoting social responsibility, and ensuring economic viability.

Integrating cutting-edge technologies from multiple industries into tyre production, we are able to drastically improve the sustainability, performance and design capabilities for tyres.

Full Control Over Your Emissions

Life Cycle Assessment

Our portfolio consists of only sustainable products, and in our latest Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) we achieved a significant CO₂ reduction between 60 and 82 % compared to conventional rubber tyres.

In the third-party verified LCA the emissions of our tyre was compared to the emissions of a conventional tyre …

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Closing the loop

A Circular Economy

Conventional rubber tyres cannot be remoulded into new tyres. The majority of recycling done is energy recovery from burning tyres.

reTyre utilises materials and methods that allow for a complete repurposing of worn tyres into new tyres, and will collaborate with all its partners in the joint effort of creating a circular economy.

Furthermore, the bio-based elastomers in reTyre’s tyres will be of use in other industries and can easily be repurposed into new products. This facilitates a circular economy for the spent materials.

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Sustainable Pneumatic Tyres

reTyre has patented a new manufacturing method for pneumatic tyres allowing the use of new materials previously unavailable to the industry.

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The World’s First

Carbon-Neutral Tyre

The tyre is made of 100% reclaimed materials, demonstrating reTyre’s cutting-edge manufacturing technology and commitment to reducing emissions. Crafted from groundbreaking materials, this innovative concept product marks a monumental step towards sustainable tyre production.

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