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Redefining Materials


Rubber-Free Pneumatic Tyres

Current production methods for rubber tyres can only function with the use of vulcanisation. This is drastically limiting the improvement potential of conventional tyres. Air pollution, the use of resources, and the accumulation of tyres in landfills are all problematic.

reTyre has patented a new production technology for tyres, allowing the use of new materials previously unavailable to the industry. This allows us to replace rubber completely with bio-based elastomers that are 100% reusable. The elastomers behave like rubber and can be sourced from renewable biological resources like corn, sugarcane or cellulose.

With reTyre’s key enabling technologies we are collaborating with global giants within material science to push the boundaries of tyre performance and sustainability.

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With our expertise in sourcing, we are not merely choosing materials off a shelf; we’re meticulously selecting the right materials tailored for your vehicles.

We set new product standards for the industry, also in terms of emissions. reTyre is not just shaping the future of tyre manufacturing; we are leading a paradigm shift towards more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly industrial practices.

All our tyres are more sustainable compared to conventional rubber tyres. In the latest life cycle assessment (LCA) we achieved a significant CO2 reduction of 82%1.

At this point, we want to highlight, that our material is the only factor left in the LCA which influences the emissions. This gives us full control over CO2 just by material selection.

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1 reTyre AS. Comparative life cycle analysis. 2024. (based on: Emilce Romarion & Vijay Thakur. Products: Conventional Bike Tyre & ReTyre. Comparative life cycle analysis. Intertek. November 2023.)