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Sustainable Tyres

Innovating for the future

for Bikes / E-Bikes

reTyre have been making award winning and innovative bike tyres since 2015. Our know-how goes into the development of sustainable bicycle tyres. Want to become a selected partner?

Endless possibilities

for Children’s Bikes

With its exceptional qualities in terms of durability, weight and design options, reusable TPE gives us endless possibilities for kid bike tyres.

Sustainable Adventures

for Bike Trailers

Bicycle trailers are an integral part of our everyday lives and are already made of sustainable materials to a large extent. It is only logical that the tyres follow this step.

0% rubber

for Prams/Strollers

We have completely replaced rubber in pram tyres with specially made bio-based, thermoplastic elastomers. Go green without compromise!

Coming Soon

for Cars

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

for Motorcycles

Coming Soon

Where it all began

for Wheelchairs

reTyre started 2015 with a detachable tyre solution for wheelchairs. Our know-how goes now into the development of sustainable tyres.

Reducing the impact

for Powered Wheelchairs

Since electric wheelchairs are battery-powered, the issue of sustainability has long been part of everyday life for this vehicles and their users. We want to think outside the box and make our innovation available.

Automated manufacturing

for Wheelbarrows

We are constantly developing new products for a wide range of small vehicles, such as wheelbarrows, sack trucks or trolleys. We offer these tyres with or without the rim.