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Bio-based tyres for bike trailers

Reducing Co2 in all products

Always Sustainable

reTyre is the only tyre manufacturer able to replace conventional rubber with sustainable, 100% reusable materials in pneumatic tyres. In addition, our revolutionary, automated manufacturing enables local production, significantly reducing GHG emissions and streamlining supply chains.

Renewable raw materials utilising reusable plant-based elastomers

Low carbon footprint
in production and life cycle

100 % reusable materials

Full data transparency for your compliance

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Full Control Over Your Emissions

Life Cycle Assessment

In our third-party verified Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) the emissions of our tyre was compared to the emissions of a conventional tyre … [Read more]

Reducing Emissions

Matching Performance

We are commissioning external independent companies to test our tyres. This ensures full transparency for our customers … [Read more]

Sustainable Brand Experience

of households with children state that sustainability is important to them

Source: KPMG
500 ≤ N ≤ 2,000

of executives say that sustainability initiatives helped boost revenues

Source: Capgemini Research Institute
N = 750 Organisations

of consumers bought a sustainable product the past 6 month

Source: Capterra 2022
N = 759

Sustainable Choices

Elevate Customer Loyalty

Differentiation inside the shops will showcase your new environmental goals to your customers. Your products will be outstanding in new ways, on top of a global trend.

Make the products shine, right where the customers are making their decision for the next generation.

Sustainable Innovation

Amplifying your Brand

Being a pioneer with sustainable tyres will immediately differentiate you from your competitors and show your customers that you are taking serious actions for the environment. This gives you wide range of new possibilities to market your brand.

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