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Pioneering Sustainable Tyres

It’s Time

Revolutionising The Industry

As leading innovators in the tyre industry, reTyre is spearheading a groundbreaking production method that will redefine the tyre industry’s ecological footprint.

Our mission is clear: leading the charge in sustainability.


CO₂ emissions compared to conventional tyres.1

Hitting mass production

Sustainability At Scale

reTyre specialises in developing and designing innovative, sustainable tyres and production equipment. We are a growing international team of engineers, scientists, product designers, sales people and marketers combining experience, knowledge, creativity and ambitions to develop and produce highly scalable solutions for a sustainable future.

Tyre innovation since 2015

A Brief History

In 2015, a group of visionary chemical engineers founded reTyre. They identified untapped potential with niche products within the tyre industry. Our initial years were marked by developing specialised expertise in custom production lines. Our modular tyre systems are tailored solutions, catering to both business clients and end consumers in more than 30 countries.

Dedicated to innovation, technology and sustainable practices reTyre made a strategic shift in 2022 to focus on mass-producing sustainable tyres.

We are backed by some of the largest institutional funds in Norway focusing on green innovation, including the venture arm of Europe’s largest provider of renewable energy, Statkraft.

Innovating For Mass Production

Innovation Lab

While focusing on mass producing sustainable tyres, reTyre will keep pushing boundaries through innovation, technology and curiosity. Drawing inspiration from Formula 1, where the technology often translates into the improvement of passenger cars, the lab is focusing on advancements in materials, product design, and manufacturing processes.

Integrating state-of-the-art materials with advanced composites and nano-technologies can enhance tyre durability, performance, and efficiency. Additionally, within the lab we explore machine learning algorithms to optimise tyre designs based on diverse driving conditions. After a pronounced test phase, we will facilitate the adoption of these innovations on a larger scale, optimising our high-performance tyres, transforming the industry and driving the evolution of mobility.

1 reTyre AS. Comparative life cycle analysis. 2024. (based on: Emilce Romarion & Vijay Thakur. Products: Conventional Bike Tyre & ReTyre. Comparative life cycle analysis. Intertek. November 2023.)