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World’s First Carbon-Neutral Tyre Made from 100% Reclaimed Materials Unveiled by reTyre

June 27, 2024 – Oslo, Norway – reTyre will proudly unveil the world’s first carbon-neutral tyre at Eurobike 2024. The tyre is made of 100% reclaimed materials, demonstrating reTyre’s cutting-edge manufacturing technology and commitment to reducing emissions. Crafted from groundbreaking materials, this innovative concept product marks a monumental step towards sustainable tyre production. Join reTyre in Hall 12.1 at booth D21 to experience the future of eco-friendly tyre technology.

A Revolution in Sustainable Tyre Manufacturing

The carbon-neutral tyre by reTyre incorporates several unique materials, each chosen for its ability to minimise environmental impact:

  • Algae in the Tread: Sourced from algae blooms to restore aquatic ecosystems, preventing eutrophication and methane release.
  • Recycled Para-Aramid in the Beads and Puncture Protection: Utilised from used body armour in a closed-loop recycling process, incorporating renewable carbon and reducing waste.
  • Post-Consumer Recyclate (PCR): Sourced from local waste streams with a low CO₂-equivalent (Kg CO₂-eq).
  • Recycled Fish Nets for the Casing: Collected from the ocean, reducing emissions by 49% and energy use by 15%.

The Path to Carbon Neutrality

Friedemann Ohse, who is leading the Carbon Neutral Tyre Project at reTyre, elaborates on the meticulous process behind achieving carbon neutrality: “The product carbon footprint of this tyre is based on our third-party verified LCA, including the end-of-life, which is how we measure all our products. Our production and transportation processes are optimised to be close to zero emissions. End-of-life is reduced to almost zero due to the recycling of the tyres. The algae used in the tyre has a negative CO₂-equivalent, balancing any remaining emissions to achieve a net-zero impact. In this way, we have a carbon neutral product without using any of the well-known shortcuts, such as carbon quotas, subsidies or other non-product related contributions.” 

A Global Effort

reTyre collaborates with suppliers globally to source materials responsibly. Algae are harvested from lakes and oceans worldwide, supported by the UN Ecosystem Restoration Programme.

Unique Materials and Manufacturing Possibilities

reTyre offers a 100% sustainable product portfolio, providing brands with a range of sustainable tyres without compromising quality. By using bio-based and 100% renewable materials never used in pneumatic tyres before, reTyre significantly reduces emissions and produces fully reusable tyres. This approach reduces GHG emissions by up to 82% compared to conventional tyres, as documented in a third-party verified, cradle-to-cradle LCA.

Friedemann O. continues: “This carbon-neutral tyre is at a concept stage and it is a result of continuous innovation that shows what our unique manufacturing is capable of.”

Always Sustainable Tyres

In addition to our groundbreaking carbon-neutral tyre, reTyre will showcase the full range of sustainable products, including the new City Range bicycle tyre models, designed specifically for urban cyclists. These tyres feature:

  • Bio-Based and Sustainable Materials
    Renewable raw materials utilising reusable plant-based elastomers.
  • New Tread Patterns
    Enhanced for better performance and grip.
  • Matching Performance
    Ensuring eco-friendly cycling without compromising on quality.
  • Low Carbon Footprint
    Minimised emissions during production and throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Fully Reusable
    All reTyre tyres, including the new City Range, are designed to be 100% reusable, setting a new benchmark in tyre sustainability.
  • Full Data Transparency
    Providing complete data for compliance and sustainability tracking.

reTyre’s entire product range is sustainable and built around the principle of reusability, a unique offering in the tyre manufacturing industry. This ensures that every component of our tyres can be fully recycled and repurposed, fostering a closed-loop circular economy.

About reTyre

Founded in 2015 by visionary chemical engineers, reTyre specialises in developing and designing innovative, sustainable tyres and production technology. Initially pioneering a modular tyre system now used by clients in over 30 countries, reTyre shifted to mass-producing sustainable tyres in 2022, backed by major green innovation funds, including Statkraft, Europe’s largest provider of renewable energy.

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