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Smart manufacturing: Industry 4.0 in a historical context

By harnessing the latest, innovative, and cutting-edge technologies, the mass production of the world’s first sustainable tyres has become a reality, and reTyre is proud to be able to integrate different emerging technologies from various industries into our tyre production. We hold great appreciation and

4 Billion Tyres in Landfills: A Shifted Problem

In this article, we take a closer look at tyre waste – one of the many downsides of rubber tyres. Every year millions of tyres across the European continent are being left out in the open or end up in huge landfills in developing countries.

Scaling up the Team for the Tyre Revolution

At reTyre, we’re entering an era of a groundbreaking sustainable revolution, right on the outskirts of Oslo. As pioneers in tyre manufacturing, we’re spearheading an ambitious production method that will redefine the tyre industry’s ecological footprint. A New Era of Sustainability We’re not just any

reTyre bio-based tyres: A Finalist in K&J Innovation Awards

We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious Kind & Jugend Innovation Awards, notably within the Sustainability for Kids category. This recognition underscores our commitment to a sustainable revolution in how tyres are produced, encompassing both manufacturing

Can rubber ever be green?

The environmental costs of rubber tyres and how new materials promise to improve this Rubber has changed the world for good and bad. Its use in tyres is still essential to keep us all moving, but it has a history of environmental and social damage,