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reTyre’s Sustainable Vision at Eurobike 2024

As the cycling world gears up for Eurobike 2024, reTyre is set to make a splash by showcasing its unique portfolio of sustainable tyres. Unlike any other brand in the industry, reTyre has committed to crafting an entire range of eco-friendly, high-performance products that emphasise sustainability and reusability.

By employing bio-based and renewable materials, reTyre has pioneered a tyre manufacturing process that substantially reduces emissions while ensuring durability and high performance. Our (3rd party verified) approach reduces CO2 emissions by up to 82% compared to traditional rubber tyres.

At this year’s Eurobike, you will have the opportunity to witness some of our groundbreaking products at our Booth D21 at H12.1, hear us speak at the Sustainability Panel, and see reTyre competing as a Eurobike Award Finalist!

Unveiling the World’s First Carbon Neutral Tyre

reTyre is proud to unveil the world’s first carbon-neutral tyre, a groundbreaking tyre crafted from innovative materials (algae and post-consumer waste) that significantly reduce and neutralise environmental impact, bringing greenhouse gas emissions to zero and helping restore ecosystems!

We will reveal all the details at Eurobike (12.1, D21), so make sure not to miss it!

Showcasing Our New City Range

In addition to our groundbreaking carbon-neutral tyre, reTyre will be showcasing our new City Range bicycle tyre models, designed specifically for urban cyclists. These tyres feature:

  • Fully Reusable: All our tyres, including the new City Range, are designed to be 100% reusable, setting a new benchmark in tyre sustainability.
  • New Tread Patterns: Enhanced for better performance and grip.
  • Improved Puncture Protection: Ensuring safer rides through urban environments.
  • Reflective Stripe: Added for increased visibility and safety during night rides.
  • Bio-Based and Sustainable Materials: Ensuring eco-friendly cycling without compromising on quality.

Our entire product range is sustainable and built around the principle of reusability, a unique offering in the tyre manufacturing industry. This ensures that every component of our tyres can be fully recycled and repurposed, fostering a closed-loop circular economy.

Unique Manufacturing giving a fully sustainable portfolio.

At the heart of reTyre’s offering is our innovative manufacturing process. Our unique approach combines advanced automation with cutting-edge materials to create tyres tailored to meet relevant performance characteristics while reducing GHG emissions. Attendees will get the chance to explore different tyre models, materials, and tread patterns, all purpose-built to meet the diverse demands of today’s cycling community.

In addition to creating greener products, reTyre is transforming the way tyres are made. We are establishing highly efficient, smart factories all over the world, giving unique supply-chain benefits to our customers as well as further reducing shipping emissions and overall environmental impact.

Commitment to Data Accuracy and Compliance

At reTyre, we understand that to genuinely progress towards sustainability, it is crucial to look at the entire life cycle of a product. This is why we implement comprehensive, cradle-to-cradle Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), co-created with Intertek and verified by a reputable third-party panel, guaranteeing our data meets high-quality standards and complies with international norms.

Join Us at the Sustainability Panel

We are excited to announce our participation in the Sustainability Afternoon panel at Eurobike 2024. Join us on July 3rd from 14:00 to 15:30 on the Pink Stage for three fireside chats moderated by Jan-Willem Van Schaik, Editor-in-chief of Bike Europe.

Topics include:

  • LCA for the cycling industry: Is PEF the future and what does it mean for the cycling industry, with Mauro Cordella from the European Commission
  • Circularity – Closing the loop
  • Diversity makes a successful business

Following the chats, a panel featuring invited speakers from Decathlon, Herrmans, Trek, Shimano, Selle Royal, and our CEO Paul Magne Amundsen from reTyre, will react and provide insights. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with industry leaders on the future of sustainability in cycling.

Another panel we are looking forward to participating in is the Making “Made in Europe” a success. This panel, scheduled for July 3rd from 15:00 to 16:00 on the Yellow Stage, will delve into the strategies and challenges of manufacturing within Europe. It’s a must-attend for those interested in the intricacies of European production and its impact on the cycling industry. Our team is eager to contribute to the discussions and share our experiences in promoting local manufacturing.

Eurobike Award Finalist

Visitors of the Eurobike 2024 will also see reTyre compete for the Eurobike Awards 2024. Our application, which highlights rubber-free and reusable tyres, reflects the company’s dedication to producing the most sustainable tyres in history. With reusable, bio-based, and renewable materials, reTyre offers brands a range of green alternatives that rival and often surpass conventional rubber tyres in performance, an innovation worthy of the Eurobike Award.

Visit reTyre at Eurobike – H12.1, D21

Don’t miss the chance to visit reTyre’s booth D21 in hall 12.1 to experience the future of sustainable tyres. Let’s pedal towards a greener future, together!

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