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reTyre joins Cycling Industries Europe to drive Innovation and Sustainability

We are happy to announce that reTyre has officially joined Cycling Industries Europe (CIE). Cycling Industries Europe is the leading network of companies within the cycling industry, dedicated to advancing the industry through innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.

A core purpose of CIE is to act as a united voice for the cycling business and promote the best interests for the sector and the organisation’s members. CIE delivers the strengths of the cycling business sector to sustainable mobility and recreation in Europe, representing cycling businesses at the EU level.

Topics that matter to us – Joining Expert Groups 

reTyre’s involvement in CIE’s expert groups enables us to work on topics close to our hearts alongside other great contributors from various parts of the cycling industry. 

CIE’s Cycling Innovation Network Expert Group focuses on accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and creating innovative solutions to enhance the cycling industry. By collaborating on projects and sharing expertise, we aim to drive forward new ideas and solutions that benefit both businesses and consumers, ultimately shaping the future of cycling.

The CIE’s CSR and Sustainability Expert Group focuses on reducing the environmental impact of the cycling industry, promoting circular economy and eco-friendly practices, and supporting policies that encourage sustainable development. The group’s mission is to create a joint CSR vision and strategy for the cycling industry, define ambitious milestones, and launch impactful initiatives.

Key areas of focus include improving the environmental footprint, responsible sourcing, end-of-life treatment, material use, consumer safety, and transparency. These initiatives perfectly reflect our mission and guiding principles, and we are eager to contribute our knowledge and resources to advance these objectives.

Through CIE’s Expert Group on Connected Cycling and ITS, the members are set to influence policymakers at national and EU levels, promoting investment in cycling infrastructure and supportive legislation. We hope our commitment to data and transparency will help other businesses stay on top of regulations, like the EU Green Deal.

Looking Ahead

We are excited about the opportunities this membership presents and are committed to contributing our expertise and resources to the collective efforts of CIE and its members.

Addressing environmental challenges, improving supply chain transparency, and developing sustainable business models, are all initiatives that perfectly align with our vision and core values, and we are happy to share our expertise to further these goals.

Together, we can drive meaningful change and make a lasting positive impact on the cycling industry.

About Cycling Industries Europe

Cycling Industries Europe is the voice of cycling businesses in Europe, working to promote cycling as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. Their work includes advocacy, market intelligence, industrial leadership, and business networking. By bringing together experts and companies from various fields such as shared mobility, digital services, and logistics, CIE ensures that the cycling industry is well-equipped to respond to market and legislative changes. Read more at Cycling Industries Europe.