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Impressions from Taipei Cycle 2024: Sustainability in Motion

This year’s Taipei Cycle Show was not just another event in the calendar; it was a testament to the growing importance of sustainability in the cycling industry and beyond! As we delve into our experiences and the conversations we’ve engaged in, it becomes apparent that 2024 is set to be a significant year for both reTyre and the wider community.

A Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability was the buzzword at Taipei Cycle 2024, resonating through the halls and conversations. It was inspiring to see how this theme has evolved from being a niche concern to a central focus for the industry. For reTyre, this shift aligns perfectly with our mission and the innovative, sustainable tyres we showcased.

Engaging Conversations and Enthusiastic Visitors

The response from visitors was overwhelmingly positive. We engaged in numerous discussions about sustainability, our approach to tyre innovation, and how we can collectively push the boundaries for a greener future. The eagerness of attendees to learn about our efforts and share their insights was a highlight of the show, reinforcing the importance of our work and the potential for impact.

Media Recognition and Continued Conversations

Our presence at Taipei Cycle 2024 did not go unnoticed. We are thrilled to share that reTyre has been featured in several media outlets, each highlighting different aspects of our participation and the significance of our rubber-free tyres. These mentions are not just accolades but a reflection of the growing interest and support for sustainable solutions in cycling.

For those interested in learning more about our time at Taipei Cycle and the broader discussions on sustainability in cycling, you can explore the following articles:

Looking Forward

To conclude, our experience at Taipei Cycle 2024 leaves us with a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to share our vision and connect with so many like-minded individuals and organizations. The conversations that started here are just the beginning, and we are excited to continue this journey towards sustainability together.
The next major cycling event where you can find us is Eurobike 2024, so see you there!