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Detachable tyre tread for your pram! Avalible with and without studs.
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reTyre Grippy

Use your pram/stroller in more weather conditions. Grippy provides added safety and convenience.

Grippy is a convenient and detachable tyre that can be mounted over most pram tyres in less than 30 seconds. It is avalible with and without studs for winter conditions or wet and muddy surfaces. In addition to providing extra grip and mobility, you can simply remove Grippy when storing your pram in the car or bringing it indoors.

Grip and safety in an instant

  • Change your tyre attributes in 30 seconds.
  • An additional layer, making it almost impossible to puncture.
  • No tools needed.
  • Cut-to-fit solution to ensure good fit on most prams.
  • Easy to remove – house and car stay clean.

30-seconds installation

Align with tyre

Roll over

Fasten velcro straps

Grip and safety in seconds

reTyre Grippy is a detachable winter tread with 50 studs that will ensure good grip and mobility in extreme winter conditions.

Keep the dirt outside

Don’t take the weather conditions with you indoors – just take off the retyre Grippy at your doorstep.

On-the-go system

Grippy is foldable and easy to bring with you in your pram.

Extra grip in seconds