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Tyre Change
in 60 Seconds

Go modular!

reTyre Modular System

Ride your bike in all weather conditions. reTyre modular system allows you to adapt your tyres in seconds without tools.

  • -40 % material compared to normal tyres
  • Integrated zip-on technology
  • More than 7 unique Skins
  • Award winning product

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40 % less material

The use of a modular system has major environmental benefits. When the detachable tread surface is worn it is easily replaced with a new. This effectively removes the need to discard a whole tyre when only the surface is worn, and reduces material waste by 40%. Furthermore, reTyre Skins are without fibres allowing for easy recycling.

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How it works

The requirement to zip-on different Skins is a basis that is mounted on the rim similar to a conventional tyre. It can be a full tyre (ONE) or just a slick BASE without tread.

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The One base tyre is our classic version: a fast rolling tyre that performs well on asphalt. reTyre Base is our premium version: it comes also with the integrated zip-on technology to mount Skins, but it cannot be ridden with­out Skin. The advantage of Base is the bigger selection of street Skins and it is much lighter than the classic version.

The detachable tread surface called Skin comes in a wide variety of designs and qualities, allowing the user to adapt the tyre in seconds to changing needs or road conditions.

Reviews and Tests

What they said

Since reTyre was founded in 2015, its products have been tested regularly. The modular system achieved best results from several test institutions like ADAC, TCS or ÖAMTC. More than 400 online ratings from customers result in an overall score of 4.51 of 5 stars.

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Only your imagination can set the limits

reTyre Skin™


Designed for urban commuting where rolling resistance on dry asphalt vs. good grip on ice and snow must be carefully balanced.

reTyre Skin™


Experience optimal performance on your bikepacking adventures over medium rough natural terrain, such as paths and gravel roads.

reTyre Skin™


Designed in collaboration with trail and MTB riders to ensure optimal grip, traction and confident handling on slippery and loose ground.

reTyre Skin™


Made to achieve maximum grip even in extreme arctic conditions where winters are long and harsh, and snow and ice are inevitable.